Welcome to NextGen Interactive Media

NextGen Interactive Media brings two decades of innovation and experience to todayís IT industry. Its primary objective is to create a network of industry leaders throughout Canada and make them accessible to a wide range of markets in need of their services, whether they be businesses, government or individuals. To achieve this goal, NextGen sources out and compiles comprehensive listings of specific business sectors for inclusion on developing websites as part of a mass marketing campaign.


NextGen Interactive Media is an industry leader and dedicated in delivering innovative, informative and quality publications which are profoundly focused on specific niche markets.


NextGen Interactive Mediaís in-print publications cover markets but limited to including post-secondary education, corporate training, employment & recruitment, accounting & finance and information technology. Our publications reach to over 313 million readerships annually and web sites attract over 65 million cyber visitors annually which consists of Canadian and international.

NextGen Interactive Media in partnership with the International Institute of Marketing Professionals is publishing a high-end journal with a target to serve marketing professionals in 192 countries. The International Journal of Marketing Practices and Principles (IJMPP) is a high quality scholarly publication of leading and innovative information in the areas of marketing, which is envisioned to be a vital tool for the benefit of marketers worldwide; researchers and practitioners in the field. The IJMPP Journalís primary focus is enhancing the discipline of Marketing Management globally, providing robust & cutting edge marketing theory & practice, invigorating the field as an important organization orientation. The Journal is targeted at promoting the development and dissemination of advances in the field by maintaining the highest standards of intellectual thought combined with practical relevance.